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Swedish Full Body Massage - £40
This 60-minute treatment that is tailored to your needs, whether you would like a firmer massage to relieve tension and knots in your muscles, or a lighter more relaxing treatment to help you drift away. Swedish massage is the most commonly performed massage techniques that can help improve blood flow and your immune system, lower stress levels, release tensions in the muscle fibres, help manage pain and improve overall wellbeing.

Swedish Back Neck and Shoulder Massage - £25
This 30-minute treatment will focus on your back, to help release knots around the shoulder blades, tension in the lower back or tightness in the neck resulting in tension headaches. This treatment is perfect for clients that have work related tensions, whether it is from a very physical job or sitting at a desk. This treatment will help to ensure your frame is level and tensions minimised.

Indian Head Massage - £25
This 30-minute treatment is perfect for releasing the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. This treatment is performed seated.

Reflexology - £40
A 60-minute treatment which uses massage and light pressure points to work on reflex points on the feet, each reflex point acts as a mirror that corresponds to a particular organ in the body.
Reflexology can help with relieving mental stress, boost the immune system, soothe the nervous system, balancing the body as a whole, pain management, digestive issues and hormonal problems.

Combination Massage and Reflexology - £55
This 90-minute treatment, which brings together the direct body healing and relaxation of Swedish body massage and a healing reflexology treatment to give your whole body a boost to finish.

Top to Toe Treatment - £70
This 2-hour treatment combines Indian head massage, Swedish massage and reflexology for an all over relaxing experience.

I have special rates available for businesses looking to arrange regular treatments for staff.


My therapy room is located in a peaceful country cottage garden, which enhances the tranquil treatments.

The address is;
2 Gravel Cottages
Tulls Lane
Nr Bordon
GU35 8RB

Parking Available